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Beyonce Detox Diet

Beyonce Detox DietThe already popular Master Cleanse increased in popularity when celebrities such as Beyonce and Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show gave it their stamp of approval. In fact, it is now often referred to as the ‘Beyonce detox diet‘.

As far as celebrity diets go, none has been around as long as the Master Cleanse. It has proven itself for over 50 years and is anything but a fad diet. When Beyonce Knowles decided that she needed to lose 20 pounds for her starring role in the forthcoming Dreamgirls movie, she chose to do it through the Master Cleanse.

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A couple of years earlier, magician David Blaine raved about it on Robin Quivers’ show, causing her to go on the diet and lose 70 pounds. More important to her though was that she regained her health following her detox. Here are her comments according to People Magazine: “This is my way of life now,” she says. “I don’t ever want to feel the way I felt ever again.”

And not surprisingly. As your body becomes more and more contaminated with pollutants, it becomes more and more difficult for your digestive system to function properly. Your glandular system including your liver and kidneys gradually slow down. As a result, the nutrients from the food you eat every day cannot reach their destination, and your whole body becomes sluggish.

What Makes the Beyonce Detox Diet a Wise Choice

Beyonce DietPreparing your body by selecting an effective detoxification diet helps by allowing you to start with a clean slate. Toxins get flushed out of your body, ensuring that nutrients get absorbed efficiently without requiring extra energy for digestion which could be better used to heal yourself.

More to the point, your prospects for the future are greatly improved. A detox diet allows you to reconnect to what your body really needs. Cravings for sugar, starch will vanish. Processed foods and fast foods will suddenly prove unappealling as your body gets reprogrammed to expect a healthier diet.

The Beyonce detox diet is a double winner. As your cleansed organs can now function properly, your metabolism gets revved up, making it much easier to burn calories and keep the weight off.

The updated version of the Master Cleanse diet allows you to get through the hurdles of the 10-day detox effectively, but the guidance it provides and the list of ‘cheat’ foods you can eat while on the diet makes it a whole lot easier, as the chances of sabotaging yourself are reduced to a minimum.